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Charlton Vos College of Education is an independant school registered at the Department of Education. Registration number 8241795

About Charlton Vos College of Education

Situated in a safe and tranquil environment, the school is based on Christian Principals. Dedicated and skilled educators commit themselves to offer an exceptional standard of Education to ensure that learners strive to the best of their abilities and beyond. Our educators are committed to educating our students to become responsible and successful members of the society. Meaningful education does not only focus on academic achievements, but also nurtures the unique potential of each young adult on his or her life path..


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We teach ...

Accountability and initiative,
ability to communicate with confidence.
To have a strong sense of caring for themselves and those around them,
personal creativity.

Ability to develop and sustain meaningful relationships, to work within a group and to be an effective team player; cultural awareness and tolerance with respect to religion, politics and gender; ability to resolve conflict.

Charlton Vos College of Education

Grade 12 Results

2013 - 90.24% pass rate
2014 - 100% pass rate

An unfair advantage at Charlton Vos’s e-book reader is a device more commonly spotted in airport lounges or on commuter trains than in school classrooms. Charlton Vos is one of a few schools that have begun to capitalize on the slim, digital tablets to access and display electronic books. We think the Kindle may eventually become a fixture in student backpacks.

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Charlton Vos Information

8 Iris Avenue
Heatherdale Akasia, Gauteng
  (012) 527 0614
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